" " The Butterfly | Downtown Vancouver Presale Condos by Westbank



Bing Thom: A Retrospective

This short film reflects on the spirit and legacy of the late architect Bing Thom through the expressions of his staff and colleagues at Bing Thom Architects, Westbank founder Ian Gillespie, as well as archived words and imagery from Bing Thom himself.


The Butterfly Effect

This short film explores the process of conceptualizing and designing the Vancouver-based “Butterfly” building through the expressions of Westbank founder Ian Gillespie and the architectural team from Bing Thom Architects. It touches on the original inspiration, initiated by the late Bing Thom and the teams hope to honour his legacy through the realization of his vision.


The Ingredients

This short film inspired by the life of a butterfly shows the scheme emerging from the neighbouring church as if it were being born. We graciously drift from scene to scene before slowly rising as a butterfly would.

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